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Posted in Ethos by burritowizard on January 30, 2009

My Burrito Quest began in Washington DC at the now legendary Burrito Brothers in Georgetown 1992.  This was the first time I heard the term “California Style Burrito”.  Burrito Brothers quickly became a phenomenon and my teenage office.  Locations readily opened all over town… The franchises’ decline began when the growing chain: Chipotle, originally from Denver, CO and partly owned by McDonalds, opened in 1999.  Slowly Burrito Brothers closed throughout the city.  Other chain burrito joints opened…  Today there are only 3 Burrito Brothers locations remaining (that I know about).  Capitol Hill (which has a different recipe), Union Station food court (original recipe) and Falls Church, VA (which I have never been to).  In 2000 I moved to Los Angeles, CA where I found many other burritophiles… It seems that burritos are to the west coast what pizza is to the east. 

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