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QDOBA (6.5)

Posted in Downtown, Gringo, National Chain by burritowizard on February 11, 2009


National Chain



Measurements: 9” circumference, 7” length (standard size)


Prices vary depending on where you are: between $6 and $7 after tax.  ($6.79 after tax in downtown LA)


The first Qdoba was opened in Denver, CO in 1995.  Currently owned by Jack in the Box, they make the finest burrito of all the national chains.  Burritos are made assembly line style (like Subway sandwiches).  The makers are generous and won’t nickel and dime if you want a little extra pico de gallo or whatever.  All chain burrito shops tend to be on the high salt side, and Qdoba is no exception. But, they manage to have “real ingredients” flavor (i.e. no special sauce or mysterious “tastes”), which is rare in “fast food”.   Steamed tortillas that solidifiy the burrito and 3 types of salsa: medium, hot and very hot.  They are a little on the “jar” side, but still a solid bet.  I have had Qdoba throughout the country and all seem to be comparable.  If you find a Qdoba in an airport (Atlanta and Pittsburgh) consider yourself lucky.  Their guacamole is particularly impressive compared to what you normally get outside of California.



Value: Amazing for an airport.




There is one location in Los Angeles

655 S Hope Street Los Angeles CA 90017 (at Red Line Metro stop)

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