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Posted in Banning, Cabazon by burritowizard on February 13, 2009


13033 Fields Rd, Banning, CA 92220

Measurements: 10” circumference, 8” length (larger than average)

Vegetarian Burrito: $4.75 after tax

A family run business with recipes that are generations in the making.  A unique blend of Native American and Southern California Mexican cuisine, everything is made fresh on-site.  Heavenly tortillas.  Hottest hot sauce in California (home made and flavorful).  Medium salsa is great too.  Everyone who works there is in the Coyote Clan at the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, located footsteps away.


NOTE: The Vegetarian Burrito comes with salsa inside (hot or medium).  I always get both salsas on the side (they charge extra for the additional salsa).

2ND NOTE: Crazy Coyote is in Cabazon, but the address is Banning because Cabazon dis-incorporated in 1972 due to political scandal and corruption.

This place is a must for burrito enthusiasts and should be a part of any junket planned in the area.  Plus: they have mini-replicas of Claude Bell’s dinosaurs (seen in the film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)).



Value: Bigger burrito for less money.





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  1. Mels said, on February 16, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    I have totally been here- this place is awesome, however I didn’t get a burrito (note to self for next time). Yeah, per DE, a trip to SF is a must on this site. Taqueria Cancun in the Tenderloin (off Market, I think there may be another in the Outer Mission), Pancho Villa in the Mission (cheap and consistent!!! YUMMM)& El Toro (known in veggie community as the best in SF). Lovin’ the local reports though. MS

  2. Burrito Knave said, on November 23, 2010 at 1:04 AM

    Hit this place again a couple of weekends ago on the way out to the desert. This spot is legendary. Also, isn’t there a burrito / taco stand in the food mart at the Cabazon Outlet Mall?

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