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Posted in Arts District, Downtown, Little Tokyo, Vegan by burritowizard on March 5, 2009


714 Traction Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90013

(213) 620-0274

Measurements: 9.5” circumference, 7.5” length (bigger than average)

Vegetarian Burrito $5.49 after tax

Whole Pinto Beans: vegetarian

Rice: vegetarian

Tucked away off most Angeleno’s radar in the Arts District just east of Little Tokyo, Ay Caramba is a neighborhood secret. Mini-convenience store and Owner-operated with all ingredients and sauces made fresh on-site.  No salsa bar.

Burritos are served plated with sauce on top: green (tomatillo) or red (tomato), almost identical in taste (perfect for Christmas style).  I order my burrito wrapped (hand held style), with neither red nor green sauce (they both taste like vegetable soup base to me), but get their fresh hot sauce on the side (usually on the tables).  They offer a Vegan burrito as well (guessing same as Vegetarian minus cheese).


Value: Get the $5 burritos while they last ($5.49 after tax)



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