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Posted in Bakersfield by burritowizard on March 16, 2009


123 East 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93305

$5.41 for a smaller than average BRC Burrito.

Sometimes the Wizard gives back. As a public service I checked out Los Tacos De Huecho for all the vegetarians out there (none of which probably live in Bakersfield; and they’d like to keep it that way).  I ordered a bean, rice and cheese burrito, but after one bite, I had to blow the rape whistle.  Stopping off in Bakersfield on my way up to San Francisco for a couple days of burrito bliss and couldn’t risk a burrito rape (see post in Ethos).  So I threw it in the trash after one or two bites of lardy refried beans, and after sampling their better than average salsa bar (featuring a nice extra thick and smooth guacamole sauce).  By the looks of things driving around town, there probably isn’t a decent vegetarian burrito in Bakersfield.



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