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Posted in Mission by burritowizard on March 19, 2009


2950 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 641-0758

Measurements: 8” circumference, 8.5” length (longer than average)

Regular Vegetarian Burrito $4.86 after tax

It’s after 10pm on a Monday night in the Mission.  With my taxicab driver friend (who just got off work), and my Yellow Dog Taqueria Cancun devotee friend (would rather eat a yellow dog than any other burrtio than Cancun).  Most of the burrito shops are closed, so we go to El Farolito.  A great example of how you can walk into any burrito shop in S.F. and still get a better than average (nationally) burrito.  The pictures make it look better than it tastes but still a fine burrito with a sweet little salsa bar.  There are several El Farolito locations in the S.F. area.


Value: Better than average



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