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Posted in MacArthur Park, Vegan by burritowizard on August 23, 2009

Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe Exterior

2124 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90057-4001
(213) 487-7474


Measurements: 9″ circumference; 7″ length (standard size)

Tofu Burrito $8.78 after tax

In the grand scheme of territorial plunder, the spoils run from gold to silver to bananas.  Sometimes boredom/ compulsive entrepreneurship steers your quest towards the latter end of the spectrum leaving you with a “fruitful” discovery.  The Burrito Wizard ventures to Mama’s Hot Tamale’s Café, not famous for their burritos, but well established as a matriarch in the tamale-sphere.  Vegan friendly in MacArthur Park, artsy-date-worthy atmosphere, a little pricey for the taqueria crowd.

Their vegetarian burritos are lacking zest and overpriced given the comparables.   Fresh vaguely noteworthy red and green salsas.  We’re talking vegetarian burritos here, not to take anything away from the rest of their menu, which I recommend focusing on to any one who chooses to patronize Mama’s Hot Tamale’s Café.  Don’t order the burritos.

Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe Burrito

Value: Pricey for the area



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