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Posted in Gringo, Larchmont by burritowizard on February 8, 2010

217 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004

(323) 962-3880

Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito: $6.53 after tax ($.75 to add guacamole)

Measurements: 8.5″ circumference; 7″ long (slightly smaller than average)

In Larchmont, one expects to see jogging moms, and dad’s with baby carriages, but not a decent burrito spot.  Enter Avocado Grill, not a landmark for burrito enthusiasts, but better than many spots semi-coveted by the burrito elite.  In the hopeless argument to determine who has the closest example of a Mission style burrito in L.A., Avocado Grill has been mentioned.  Five adjectives: authentic, confused, clean, California, misunderstood.  Dim lights, no smoke, no music; Avocado Grill leaves one wondering how, why, and again how this place has not been taken over by the Napoleonic Chipotle??

Salsa Bar:  Red Sauce (far right/ left of the jalapenos) = thumbs above neutral; Green Sauce = thumbs significantly above neutral; hodge podge b-b-q red sauce (far left) = not sure exactly what they were thinking?  They give you chips to enjoy their sauces, but none of their sauces have any business getting near a burrito.  P.S. Nothing says “Gringo” like calling a pile of tomatoes pico de gallo.

Value: Great if you stay away from the specialty burritos



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