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Posted in Hollywood, Koreatown by burritowizard on June 6, 2011

Cactus Mexican Food #2 Exterior

4370 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004

(323) 662-0759

MEASUREMENTS: 9″ circumference – 7″ length (standard size)

Veggie Burrito = $4.94 w/o cheese; or $6.04 w/ cheese

Their rice is made with chicken broth.  Half mashed stewed vegetarian pinto beans.

Cactus Mexican Food #2 (#1 is on Vine in Hollywood) has been on the decline for some time now.  Their once legendary salsa bar has continually disappointed over the last year or so.  But this once great pride of L.A. establishment has truly hit a new low with their recent tacky cosmetic remodel (photos will be posted soon; current photos are of old decor), resulting in their tauntingly new high prices.  I think if Marie Antoinette was alive, she would let us eat the cheese for free, but they started charging $1.00 extra for generic shredded cheese.  Salsas fluctuate from day-to-day in color, body, spice and taste.  The chipotle is their best (dark brown) Andy Cone guitarist from Monorchid seriously almost lost his life trying to get more of this salsa on one fabled day back in their glory days; the spicy verde (green) reminds me of the great serrano pepper salsa from Burrito Brothers in Washington, D.C.; the red seems to fluctuate between a mild arbol, a very spicy habanero, and sometimes just a strait sriracha.  They don’t put out the salsa bar until after lunch (time seems to vary day-to-day), but you can ask for all salsas on the side. Three parking spots on-site.  I really want to love this place, but management seems to constantly find a way to mess it up.



Sauces pictured above (from left to right) chipotle, Thai hot sauce (red), spicey verde, arbol (red)



VALUE: Used to be one of the best values in town.


4370 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004

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  1. […] this same stretch of road, in a dense fog, just like this, Andy Cone was forcefully removed from Cactus Mexican Food #2.  Like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building, he did not go […]

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