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Kalifornien Burrito at DOLORES in Berlin Guest Review by SPECK

Posted in Berlin, Germany, Guest Reviews, Vegan by burritowizard on July 11, 2011

MEASUREMENTS: Exact Measurements are unavailable however it appeared to be standard size

Veggie Burrito = 3.90 Euro without cheese & 5.70 Euro as pictured (with cheese and guacamole)


Dolores California Burritos is modeled after the San Francisco-style burrito (in theory).  The lettuce was a disappointment and left the burrito tasting a bit artificial.  On the upside, Dolores offered a vegetarian mole tofu.  Mole is difficult to find without animal stock, so it was a pleasant surprise to find this true vegetarian option on the venue.  Pricewise with the current U.S./Euro exchange rate, this was slightly more than average U.S. price for a more “upscale” burrito effort.   Salsa was decent, however, Dolores lacks a salsa bar.  If this joint were located on U.S. soil, we would likely have to give it a 6, but considering it’s European location, we’ll give it a 6.75 for effort.

First openend in 2005, Dolores is more of a vegan/ vegetarian place, and less of a true burrito joint.                       

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