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Posted in Boise, Guest Reviews, Idaho by burritowizard on October 8, 2010

222 N 8th St
Boise, ID 83702

(208) 345-0323


1994 was weird.  D’you know how amazing hippies look in photographs?  Beautiful kids without the slightest hint of self-doubt.  That youthful, idealistic brazenness.  Those teenage pheromones pre-Loofa and bodywash technology that sent the space age forwards, and then backwards decades.

In 1994, our president was a fake hippie.  Our parents were fake hippies.  Cold War-era baby-boomers tried to save the world, but only sped-up the endgame.  There was a heavy grassroots vibe out there.  There were computers that didn’t really do anything.  Kids protested on campuses for reasons other than litigation and self-promotion.  Raves were killing it but only creeps went to raves, because raves cost, like, twenty bucks to get-in to, and the music was not our thing because we felt a certain way about ourselves, and things like ecstasy only existed around pederasts.  There were random punk bands from Northern California putting out records with artwork like this: www.polloreyboise.com (only Xerox styled)

2010 is confusing.  I happened to be in Boise for my cousin’s wedding.  Boise is a city seeking an identity.  In a way, it seems to align itself with Portland, Oregon (some 430 miles west).  But I’d imagine that Boise would turn an even paler shade of white if it undressed and examined Portland under a bright light and saw the track marks, hairy legs, scabies bites, and bad tattoos.

Pollo Rey is located at, what I can gather, is potentially the prime retail spot in all of Boise, across from the badass North Face store in the heart of downtown. This beauty of a burrito spot may or may not exist on a street closed to automobiles.  Know what I mean?  They love that stuff in the Pacific Northwest and Holland/Belgium/Denmark.  This city has graffiti murals in the alleys of downtown, but no tags or throw-ups, anywhere.  Know what I mean?

Really good burritos, SF Mission-style in a place that feels about fifteen years behind the times.  Basques, dude.  Highly recommended.

Burrito Knave rating: 7.47