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555 S Sunrise Way Palm Springs, CA 92262

(760) 325-9766


Measurements: 9” circumference, 7” length (standard size)

Spinach or Veggie burrito $6.25 after tax, Bean & Cheese $4.30


Palm Springs, where your pulse rate slows to 40 beats a minute while reading Raymond Chandler novels by the peanut shaped swimming pool. Clean air, 364.5 days of perfect weather and an attention to the simple things that shows through in the burritos at Guacamoles. Perhaps the best gringo burritos in the world (ironically no gringos on staff here). Owner operated, quality ingredients, 3 different vegetarian burrito options. Pico de gallo, not too spicy, 20 minute parking in the shade. Print out the online coupon for 10% off.


Value: Best in Palm Springs



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123 East 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93305

$5.41 for a smaller than average BRC Burrito.

Sometimes the Wizard gives back. As a public service I checked out Los Tacos De Huecho for all the vegetarians out there (none of which probably live in Bakersfield; and they’d like to keep it that way).  I ordered a bean, rice and cheese burrito, but after one bite, I had to blow the rape whistle.  Stopping off in Bakersfield on my way up to San Francisco for a couple days of burrito bliss and couldn’t risk a burrito rape (see post in Ethos).  So I threw it in the trash after one or two bites of lardy refried beans, and after sampling their better than average salsa bar (featuring a nice extra thick and smooth guacamole sauce).  By the looks of things driving around town, there probably isn’t a decent vegetarian burrito in Bakersfield.



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Posted in San Bernardino by burritowizard on February 14, 2009

Rosa Maria's Sign

4202 N Sierra Way San Bernardino, CA 92407

Measurements: 8.5” circumference, 6.5” length (slightly smaller than average)

Bean Rice and Cheese Burrito: $4.70

This place is legendary in north San Bernardino and with Cal State University students. It was recommended on a general burrito site. Nice tortillas, lard in the refried beans, shredded yellow cheese, “dishwater” flavored hot sauce (didn’t care for). Charming… love the sign, NOT FOR VEGETARIANS!!!

Rosa Maria's Burrito

Value: expensive for vegetarians



Posted in Banning, Cabazon by burritowizard on February 13, 2009


13033 Fields Rd, Banning, CA 92220

Measurements: 10” circumference, 8” length (larger than average)

Vegetarian Burrito: $4.75 after tax

A family run business with recipes that are generations in the making.  A unique blend of Native American and Southern California Mexican cuisine, everything is made fresh on-site.  Heavenly tortillas.  Hottest hot sauce in California (home made and flavorful).  Medium salsa is great too.  Everyone who works there is in the Coyote Clan at the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, located footsteps away.


NOTE: The Vegetarian Burrito comes with salsa inside (hot or medium).  I always get both salsas on the side (they charge extra for the additional salsa).

2ND NOTE: Crazy Coyote is in Cabazon, but the address is Banning because Cabazon dis-incorporated in 1972 due to political scandal and corruption.

This place is a must for burrito enthusiasts and should be a part of any junket planned in the area.  Plus: they have mini-replicas of Claude Bell’s dinosaurs (seen in the film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)).



Value: Bigger burrito for less money.






Posted in Fontana by burritowizard on February 12, 2009

El Ranchero Exterior

15218 Summit Ave Fontana, CA 92336

(909) 922-5800


Measurements: 7” circumference, 7.5” length (smaller than average)


Bean & Cheese Burrito $3.22 after tax



Refried Beans: Lard

Rice: Chicken Base

El Ranchero Salsa Bar

Opened about 2 years ago El Ranchero is a nice place to grab a burrito if you are in the Fontana area (at Falcon Ridge). Definitely lard in the beans (which is not my thing) and chips. Three types of fresh salsa: Fresh chunky salsa (very good), hearty spicy red (above average) and a green salsa (that I didn’t care for at all). Notable thick and chewey flour tortilla. Ended up stopping off here because my car was running dangerously low on gas as I was heading down the 210 freeway. If you are into creamy refried beans and are not a vegetarian you will probably love this place.




Value: Yes, better than hitting a national chain.


El Ranchero Burrito


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