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Posted in Fontana by burritowizard on February 12, 2009

El Ranchero Exterior

15218 Summit Ave Fontana, CA 92336

(909) 922-5800


Measurements: 7” circumference, 7.5” length (smaller than average)


Bean & Cheese Burrito $3.22 after tax



Refried Beans: Lard

Rice: Chicken Base

El Ranchero Salsa Bar

Opened about 2 years ago El Ranchero is a nice place to grab a burrito if you are in the Fontana area (at Falcon Ridge). Definitely lard in the beans (which is not my thing) and chips. Three types of fresh salsa: Fresh chunky salsa (very good), hearty spicy red (above average) and a green salsa (that I didn’t care for at all). Notable thick and chewey flour tortilla. Ended up stopping off here because my car was running dangerously low on gas as I was heading down the 210 freeway. If you are into creamy refried beans and are not a vegetarian you will probably love this place.




Value: Yes, better than hitting a national chain.


El Ranchero Burrito


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