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Posted in Atwater Village, Breakfast Burrito by burritowizard on August 22, 2009

Villa Corona Exterior

3185 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039

(323) 661-3458

Measurements: vary depending on burrito (more expensive tend to be bigger). 8” to 9” circumference and 6” to 7” length


For vegetarians and spendthrifts: this is the best burrito in Los Angeles.  Tiny hole in the wall, not big enough for 3 people to stand (unless they are really in love with each other). No rice, one type of hearty red salsa/ hot sauce (achieving perfect synergy with everything on the menu), She takes her last order around 4:45pm.  The most unusual thing on the menu is the Tortilla & Egg Burrito (see pic below) with tortilla chips inside (not recommended for first-timers).  Simple, strait-forward, quaint, owner operated and certainly worthy of a visit from out-of-towners.  The place is sometimes referred to as Maria’s, the matriarch’s name.


Value: Dollar for Dollar Best Burrito in Los Angeles



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3300 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039

(323) 664-9400

4749 Coldwater Canyon Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 762-7771


Measurements: 9” circumference, 6.5” length (slightly shorter than average)

Veggie Burrito: $6.53 after tax

Breakfast Burrito: $4.66 after tax

Aesthetically, everything is perfect, like the set of a restaurant commercial where the meal is flavored with food coloring.

Definitely vegetarian and vegan friendly… Two types of Veggie Burritos: Zucchini, Corn and String Bean; and Soy Chorizo, Potato and Zucchini.

Everything is cooked cooked to mush. The rice tastes dead, like a vortex of flavor, and is far too plentiful. No cheese???  The negra is my preferred salsa: a tasty deep rich black sauce, but all the salsas are reminiscent of Chicken McNugget dipping sauces.  If you’ve had burritos in NYC, Hugo’s took a page out of the Big Apple playbook.  The plain breakfast burrito is the best value and it comes with Oaxaca cheese (served all day).


Value: Not so great


Atwater Village vegetarian burrito Studio City vegetarian burrito