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Posted in Boyle Heights, City Terrace by burritowizard on February 26, 2009

El Tepeyac Exterior

812 N Evergreen Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 267-8668

For years El Tepeyac has been considered one of the best burrito joints in Los Angeles, it may be time to knock them off that hill.  Famous for making the largest burritos in L.A., but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Their burritos are large, expensive and generally impractical.  A family of four can eat their giant $22 burrito, but why would they want to?  Go to most other burrito stands and get everyone their own burrito, and walk away for 18 bucks.

For burritophiles this place is guaranteed NOT to please.Don’t believe the hype.  And, for vegetarians the place is do-able, but nothing special.  The menu is extensive almost exhaustive, with all sizes, prices and configurations imaginable (they even have a temporary Lint menu).  Their salsa is disappointing, their hot sauce is O.K..  They offer table service inside or outdoor via window and picnic tables both are very, very slow.There is a charm to the place and it is an East Los Angeles institution.For anthropologists and tourists it’s worth the trip.

El Tepeyac Burrito

Value: Absolutely Not