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360 BURRITO (4.75)

Posted in Gringo, Minnesota by burritowizard on February 8, 2009


Twin Cities Airport

Measurements: 9″ circumference, 7″ length (standard size)

Mex Rice & Bean Burrito: $5.88 after tax


Minnesota, home to great burritos? Probably not. At the Twin Cities airport I grabbed a Traditional Mex Rice & Bean Burrito. I’m guessing there are no diabetics here judging by the overkill of sugar in the beans and salsas. I’m with you on the popovers, but maybe not burritos? It’s an airport, not sure if it’s breakfast lunch or dinner.. but I’ve got a vegetarian burrito in my hand for under six bucks (and there’s a salsa bar). I’m grateful for you 360 Burrito at the Twin Cities Airport.  Maybe save the sugar for snickerdoodles.



Value: No.