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Downtown Bakery 7.75

Posted in Breakfast Burrito, East Village by burritowizard on October 6, 2010

69 1st Ave
(between 4th St & 5th St)
New York, NY 10003

(212) 254-1757

Vegetarian Burrito $7.08 after tax; Veggie Breakfast Burrito $4.90 after tax

Authentic Central American/ Mexican hybrid, with amazing breakfast burritos.  Featuring the Best salsa in NYC (spicy hot).

Good Stuff: Amazing breakfast menu; Old school East Village feel; Best Salsa in NYC; Decent coffee

Bad Stuff: Portions are too large; NO fresh jalapenos

tomatillo (left) spicy flavorful amazing; and guajillo (right) flavorful rich medium spicy

Value: Great value, particularly in the breakfast menu.


San Loco (6.25)

Posted in Alphabet City, East Village, Gringo, Lower East Side, Williamsburg by burritowizard on June 26, 2009

San Loco Exterior

124 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003

(212) 260-7948


If you’ve been drunk at a wedding danced with someone all night only to wake up the next morning shocked by what that someone’s  like in the morne, then you know what it’s like to eat at San Loco (sort of).  Open late, situated near points of inebriation, dark lighting.  Better than Chipotle and most of the national chains, San Loco is self-proclaimed Gringo Mex.  Not for the discerning Burritophile, but is a good healthy-ish late night option, with minimal regrets in the morning.

San Loco Burrito

Value: Good for NYC


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PAQUITO’S (5.75)

Posted in East Village by burritowizard on May 17, 2009

Paquito's Exterior

143 1st Avenue New York, NY 10003

(212) 674-2071


Cactus Burrito $7.05 after tax.

Paquitos plated burrito is different than the hundreds of other plated burrito spots in and around NYC, because it’s a couple of dollars cheaper. Plated burritos degrade one’s ability to appreciate the culinary achievements of its creator.  The reality of the sloppy pile of food reminds me of the KFC Bit by Patton Oswalt.  Cactus Burrito: standard NYC yellow rice, pinto or black beans, semi-fresh salsa.

Paquitos Burrito


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