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Posted in Pennsport, South Philadelphia by burritowizard on July 6, 2009

Los Jalapenos Exterior

1800 S 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 468-1828


Measurements: 9″ circumference, 7″ length (standard size)

Guacamole Burrito $5.99 plus tax.

Quaint owner operated taqueria/ grocery store located in Philly’s south side Italian neighborhood.  After a day of driving around Philadelphia (one of the country’s most livable cities) on our way back from the FDR, we stopped at a Los Jalapenos (after passing on El Fuego).   Embodying the best qualities of an East Los Angeles vegetarian burrito, Los Jalapenos is muy authentico.  All vegetarian: the usual ingredients; refried beans only.  Perfect red and green sauces, divine fresh juices and groceries, how can you lose?

Los Jalapenos Burrito