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CUCO’S (9)

Posted in Lower Haight by burritowizard on March 21, 2009


488 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 863-8187


Imagine if you could physically step back into your mother’s womb, that’s what a Cuco’s burrito is like.  At this point in the burrito quest, my friends are all burrito-ed out.  So I double park the car with the flashers on and run inside Cuco’s.  I order the Plantain Burrito that I have heard so much about.  The woman who I believe to be the creator of Cuco’s smiles and pulls a fresh unpeeled plantain out of the food storage area.  Everything is made fresh, to perfection.  I opted for black beans.  Eating the burrito was something of a blur… the complicated blend of flavors… the sour cream in particular… the clearly Salvadorian hot sauce with the fresh chips… Is this a burrito?  I don’t know what to call it, but I will be back, and you should try it.  This may have been a dream.  But I’m pretty sure it was real.  Seems like owner operated burrito joints are less common in S.F., but Cuco’s is a definitive example of one of the great owner operated burrito creations.  I was unable to measure or take pictures in my ecstatic burrito haze, so enjoy the sense of mystery.


Value: once in a lifetime culinary opportunity.