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Posted in Gringo, Vegan, Western Addition by burritowizard on March 22, 2009


601 Baker Street San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 614-9411



Dubbed New Mexican (the state) style burritos, the Green Chile Kitchen serves good clean vegan friendly food. Their burritos are served plated with a red or green topping sauce (both have the option of spicy or mild). I ordered both on the side and had my burrito wrapped in foil hand held style. Not a big fan of topping sauces, they are always less flavorful than salsas, but the red is inedible. The green is great (for a topping sauce), it’s what they are known for. Additionally they have a salsa (for the chips), which has a dynamic flavor unlike any I have had before. The burrito is a solid S.F. burrito with clean gringo construction.

Value: about average

Wizard’s Score: 7.5