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Posted in Ethos by burritowizard on February 8, 2009

Harsh term, I know.  It’s when you eat a burrito that makes you totally ill.  As a result you are unable to enjoy a burrito for a couple of days.  You become extra cautious of unfamiliar burritos and tend to gravitate towards gringo and chain joints for a little while.  When it happens to you, you’ll know it.


Posted in Bakersfield by burritowizard on March 16, 2009


123 East 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93305

$5.41 for a smaller than average BRC Burrito.

Sometimes the Wizard gives back. As a public service I checked out Los Tacos De Huecho for all the vegetarians out there (none of which probably live in Bakersfield; and they’d like to keep it that way).  I ordered a bean, rice and cheese burrito, but after one bite, I had to blow the rape whistle.  Stopping off in Bakersfield on my way up to San Francisco for a couple days of burrito bliss and couldn’t risk a burrito rape (see post in Ethos).  So I threw it in the trash after one or two bites of lardy refried beans, and after sampling their better than average salsa bar (featuring a nice extra thick and smooth guacamole sauce).  By the looks of things driving around town, there probably isn’t a decent vegetarian burrito in Bakersfield.



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Posted in Ethos by burritowizard on March 3, 2009

After over a month of eating a burrito everyday I quickly learned the toll that refried beans take on your body. Not to mention the fact that they don’t have the ideal texture or flavor to compliment the perfect burrito. Almost all refried beans are made with lard and are rarely the healthiest option. Refried beans are responsible for more than 50% of burrito rape (see post in ETHOS).

Tip: next time you order a burrito see if there is an alternative to refried beans.