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Burrito Wizard chats with Mick Barr (Oldest, Krallice, Ocrilim, Octis, Orthrelm, Crom-Tech)

Posted in Interviews by burritowizard on April 9, 2009

BW: In the spirit of all great talk shows, do you have something to promote?  I hear you have a new project with Brooks (Headley) that I’m excited to hear?


MB: –yes, me and brooks have a new band dubbed oldest. we just recorded a demo. i am excited about it. it kind of sounds like voivod and darkthrone and maybe crom tech.


BW: Burrito wise, what areas of the country, states, cities, or neighborhoods do you pay attention to burritos?  (the big ones: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Texas)


MB: –i am probably one of the many who holds san francisco burritos in high regard. LA seems like more of a taco town. san diego seems more taquitos or enchiladas or maybe even more huevos rancheros. chicago is a burrito of a different ilk than i can understand. in NY i’ve just recently discovered that great burritos hide in the back of mexican groceries. and in texas i usually ignore the burritos and go for the barbeque.


BW: Can you name a single favorite burrito?  Or a few that are up there?


MB: –when i was living in san francisco i would go to a place called castillito pretty much everyday. the one on church street right across from safeway, not the one in the mission. at first i wasn’t completely blown away by it, just thought it was a solid hefty good burrito. but as i explored other burrito spots in town, i always went back to castillito and was really happy. and i never once got sick of it. i would mostly go for the veggie burito with the spinach tortilla, pinto beans and avocado instead of guacamole. it wasn’t bad guacamole, but it was always too cold.


Check out Mick’s latest project Oldest here: OLDEST


Download the Oldest tracks here: DOWNLOAD


 See Mick on tour with Krallice this May/ June: TOUR DATES with Wolves in the Throne Room and A Storm of Light.


136 Church St San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-3428