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Posted in Florida, Gringo, Guest Reviews, Key West by burritowizard on February 12, 2010

1220 1/2 Simonton Street

Key West, FL 33040

(305) 292-2697


Let me start off by saying that I am very excited about my first assignment for Burrito Wisdom.  Big ups to the Burrito Wizard.  On a recent trip to Key West, I checked out this tiny burrito spot / juice bar.  What?  You guys grow your own wheat grass?  Really?  Weird.   Bad Boy Burrito is run by a young couple (with a culinary pedigree) and is at once sublime and vexing.  A solid ethos (super fresh ingredients and bio-degradable takeaway containers)?  Check.   Red onion escabeche (a lot of people don’t even know what that is.)?  Check.  No tables (a counter with three stools and a bench out front)?  Check.  $8 burritos?  Check.

(Jesus holding a burrito (above))

Their burritos or “phatties” as they claim to roll them, (I know, right?) consist of an organic flour tortilla with basmati rice, rattlesnake beans (a variation of pinto beans, slightly darker), one veggie filling (marinated tofu, seasonal veg, or mushroom), one salsa (pico de gallo, verde, red chili, mango habenero, or tomatilla) and up to three toppings (everything from shredded cheese and sour cream to ancho chili relish to the aforementioned red onion escabeche).   I tried the marinated tofu with shredded cheese, sour cream and cilantro with (per the owner’s suggestion) the mango habenero salsa.   The burrito, (definitely not a “phattie”) ordered to go, was rolled tightly in tinfoil.  It was excellent.  Transcendental even.  But as I walked back up Simonton Street eating this burrito, slightly confused, a couple of thoughts kept rattling around my brain.  Why doesn’t this place have a couple of defacto burritos on the menu?  Say, I don’t know, a vegetarian burrito or some such, so you, Mr. owner / chef / order taker won’t seem so narked as I (as, invariably, every other first time customer must)  fumble through the toppings list, trying to narrow it down to three?  And, I’m closer to Cuba than I am to Miami.

I really like this place.  Next time I’ll try the…

No Salsa Bar.  Dimensions:  Average.

Value:  Good.  I never thought I’d say that about an $8 burrito.