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Posted in Pennsport, South Philadelphia by burritowizard on July 6, 2009

Los Jalapenos Exterior

1800 S 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 468-1828


Measurements: 9″ circumference, 7″ length (standard size)

Guacamole Burrito $5.99 plus tax.

Quaint owner operated taqueria/ grocery store located in Philly’s south side Italian neighborhood.  After a day of driving around Philadelphia (one of the country’s most livable cities) on our way back from the FDR, we stopped at a Los Jalapenos (after passing on El Fuego).   Embodying the best qualities of an East Los Angeles vegetarian burrito, Los Jalapenos is muy authentico.  All vegetarian: the usual ingredients; refried beans only.  Perfect red and green sauces, divine fresh juices and groceries, how can you lose?

Los Jalapenos Burrito


Calexico Cart (6.25)

Posted in Soho by burritowizard on July 2, 2009

Calexico Cart


Measurements: 8.5″ circumference, 6.5″ length (smaller than average)

Black Bean Vegetarian Burrito $6 after tax.

For those who can remember hanging out in the suburbs and exurbs of today’s bustling epicenters, you may remember the glorious adventures to Taco Bell at 11:30pm on a school night.  That’s what Calexico Cart feels like at it’s best (although only open for lunch).  At its worst, its “bachelor kitchen” burritos should offend even the simple coffee and bagel cart vendors.  But, the price is right at Calexico, and it’s fun getting a burrito on the street amidst the Soho feeding frenzy.  Probably the best and most informative website of any burrito spot i’ve seen.  And, let’s face it, carts are “in” right now, especially taco carts.  Like Michael Jackson, they’re all over cable news, and have set the world aTwitter.  Lindbergh would be jealous of the love and attention taco carts are getting from the public and media.  Sometimes carts are good, but rarely great, especially for vegetarians.  Calexico: tastes like they use the Taco Bell sauce (from the packets) in their food.. pico de gallo con vinegar.  Still better than Chipotle.

Calexico Burrito