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Posted in Breakfast Burrito, Pasadena by burritowizard on March 2, 2009

Lucky Boy Sign

640 S Arroyo Pkwy Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 793-0120



Measurements: 10” circumference, 7” length (bigger than average)


Breakfast Burrito $5.63 after tax



I hear this place has the “best breakfast burrito in Los Angeles” (technically in Pasadena). It’s an old fashioned drive-in burger joint, with quick turn over of above average quality ingredients in large portions. It’s unfortunate that I’m reviewing their vegetarian burritos, because it’s clear that is not what they do best. But, I’m impressed that they do it at all. Upon ordering the vegetarian breakfast burrito I realized it’s a monster, served with vast amounts of their red tangy hot sauce/ salsa. I ordered it with pico de gallo (which I don’t recommend) that tastes more like German tomato salad.

My friend wanted a lunch burrito, but the options are a bit out of the ordinary. For the burritos you pick and choose from amongst the ingredients in the kitchen (slim pickings for vegetarians). My friend orders a gyro (kind of a random burrito alternative), but somewhat telling of the burrito options here. Great place to stock up on breakfast burritos for Rose Bowl tailgating, otherwise I may just get an omelet at the Pantry on Figueroa downtown (they make a killer hot salsa).


Lucky Boy Burrito

Value: gynormous burrito for about the going rate of a regular.